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Natalie Jones
Creative Producer

As one of the founding members of E3W Productions, Natalie has broken into the worlds of film (The House on Pine Street - 2015), immersive theater (In Another Room - 2017, Bitter at the End - 2018, Where the Others Are - 2020), narrative podcasting (In Another Room - 2020), and interactive "Alternate Reality Gaming" (ARCANA - 2020).


From 2020 to the present day, Natalie has worked as a Digital Media Producer for Tastemade, spearheading the creation of online digital content while working closely with brand partners such as Pepsi, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Hulu, Pinterest, and Paramount. In this role, Natalie has proven her ability to see a project through from pre-production to post, ingesting and interpreting client feedback and managing the efforts of cinematographers, stylists, video editors, colorists, and sound engineers. 


The experience gained through her work in theater, film, and digital media production has shown her that her path resides in finding ways to make real the artistic aims of herself and others, and has given her the skills needed to manage teams, adhere to timelines, and engage in effective communication.


Creating worlds and inviting others to visit and experience the wonders of curated magic is where her passion truly lies, and is where she continues to flourish and grow.

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