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Where the Others Are

Immersive Theatre

A desperate plea from an old friend brings you to the doorstep of her neglected trailer. She’s finally ready to leave her abusive husband, and she wants your help. But he may not be what he appears to be. And her problem may be beyond human comprehension. 

E3W Productions' most intimate piece to date, 'Where the Others Are' welcomed two guests at a time into a 1980s Airstream, where something otherworldly is brewing between the couple who lives there. Audiences stepped inside Ben and Maggie's strange and surreal world and witnessed the unexplainable, as they confronted questions of existence, connection, identity, and meaning - within themselves, within their marriage, and within the claustrophobic confines of their vintage RV.

Immersive Theatre - 2020

"Perfect sci-fi horror."

- WeLikeLA -

"Powerful storytelling at close range, and highly recommended."

- Haunting -

"An emotionally heavy journey, WHERE THE OTHERS ARE is E3W Productions at their absolute best, firing on all cylinders, taking the best elements of show’s past and making them even better... E3W continues to astound with their work and constantly reinvents what immersive could, and should, be."

- Horror Buzz -

"I highly recommend everyone attend this show due to its intimacy, parsing of complicated subject matter, and the fact that you will literally leave wondering, “What the fuck?” But, in a good way. I promise."

- Nightmarish Conjurings -

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