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Bitter at the End

Grace is dead. 
You are invited to her wake.

'Bitter at the End' was the second immersive experience from E3W Productions, bringing guests face to face with death, this time fracturing it through the lens of the seven deadly sins to explore the different ways in which we struggle against loss and process grief. With only 7 audience members per time slot, 'Bitter at the End' was an achingly intimate experience, diving deep into a striking, strange, and surreal world of sorrow that asks the questions: What are we left with at the end of a life? And what can we take, if anything, from death?

Immersive Theatre - 2018

"Brutal, beautiful storytelling... with an attention to detail and mood that is unrivaled in the Los Angeles immersive theatre scene."

- Haunting -

"Dynamic and moving: meticulously crafted confessionals that blend production design, writing, directing and performance into cohesive wholes."

- No Proscenium -

"A powerful and moving reflection on grief."

- Nightmarish Conjurings -

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