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In Another Room

Season 2

New house, new rooms, new ghosts.

An all-new version of the hit immersive play, in which guests explored the rooms of a small Culver City home filled with its own rich history of tragedy and paranormal phenomena. With only four guests admitted into the house at a time, the show offered a series of uniquely intimate interactions with new characters from time periods spanning the home's extensive past. Room by room, one ghost story at a time, guests were invited to step inside and experience an aching portrayal of the unexplainable.

Immersive Theatre - 2018

"A triumphant surprise. This isn’t just the best show I’ve seen all season: it’s the best show I’ve seen all year."

- No Proscenium -

"Breathtaking - another triumph from an immersive theatre company that continues to evolve and impress as it creates."

- Haunting -

"Astounding... I really cannot say enough good things about In Another Room. A beautiful work of art from

start to finish."

- Horror Buzz -

"In Another Room grants audience members that beautiful moment when narrative, design and talent all combine into something transcendent."

- Nightmarish Conjurings -

"Spooky and extremely intimate."

- Broadway World -

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