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Online Interactive Horror ARG

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Named one of the 'Best Games of 2020' by LA Times


A narrative-driven game for the current state of the world that is safe to play while social distancing. Totally digital yet immersive, ARCANA is an interactive horror game that is an entirely internet-based, puzzle-centric, theatrical experience that can be enjoyed by players from their laptops or smartphones, without ever breaking CDC Guidelines.


Set during the current pandemic, ARCANA combines a twist-filled narrative with complex puzzles,
riddles, and sleuthing. The story follows Jade, a tormented artist who turns to social media to battle
her mounting isolation. Part murder mystery, part heartbreak novella, the game unfolds over a series
of weeks, inviting players to dive into darkness and emerge once they find the light.


Produced, Directed, and Designed by E3W Productions

Produced by Mali Elfman

Written by Eva Anderson and Eric Hoff

Puzzle and Path Design by Tommy Honton

Online Interactive ARG - 2020

Named one of the 'Best Games of 2020' by LA Times


"The scariest movie in quarantine is actually a game unfolding on Instagram."

- LA Times -

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