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In Another Room

Season 1

In Another Room was a site-specific immersive play in which guests wandered the upstairs floor of a purportedly haunted house in Los Angeles, coming face to face with various souls that had lived and died and suffered tragedy within its rooms. With only 3 audience members admitted into the house at a time, the show was an extremely intimate experience that explored the notion of ghost stories and what is left behind from a life already lived.

Immersive Theatre - 2017

"One of our favorite shows of 2017 and the best debut work we’ve seen yet in LA. Keep watch on these folks."

- No Proscenium -

"A wonderfully intimate and powerful ghost story."

- Horror Buzz -

"A gorgeous exploration of what remains after a life has been lived. It gives a voice to the agony of madness, the desperation of grief, the inevitability of death. The piece itself is a phantom; it is the kind of story that lingers and haunts."

- Haunting -

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