"Riveting, meaningful performances that penetrate through the screen, absolutely giving the sense that they are speaking to you... It’s dark and frightening and sad, and its unusual presentation works entirely to its benefit, giving Where the Others Are an uncanny atmosphere that doesn’t feel like much else."

- Fangoria -

"L.A.’s Creepiest Sci-Fi Play... filled with a creeping dread... for fans of dark sci-fi or body horror or if you like your horror rooted in a strong narrative."

- WeLikeLA -

"A truly surreal experience. It isn’t an adaptation of the show – it is the show, and I’ve never seen something quite like it."

- Haunting -

"There’s a special skill set required to translate an immersive production into a filmed one... it plays seamlessly. The live production was an “on the rails” experience, but that’s not a knock: E3W uses those rails to pour in a lush level of detail on craft performances that radiate power. You are, in those moments, very aware that your inept fumbling could not craft a better story than the one you are playing midwife to."

- No Proscenium -

"A fantastic story that sucks you in, the cast is really incredible, and you can get lost in every single detail of the frame... This filmed version of the show not only captured the emotional heart of the story but enhanced it."

- HorrorBuzz -

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