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Adapted from E3W Production’s ground-breaking, LA-based immersive show of the same name, IN ANOTHER ROOM is a collection of interlocking ghost stories, each one taking place in a different room of a notoriously haunted house. These ghost stories span the entire history of the mysterious home—from its troubled construction in the 1870s to today—and recount the tragedies of the various souls that have lived, and died, within.

All 8 episodes of IN ANOTHER ROOM are available now for

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E3W Productions is a Los Angeles based film and immersive theatre production company telling frightening, emotional stories from a unique and achingly intimate angle, with an emphasis on highly detailed, intricately constructed worlds that envelop audiences and stimulate every sense.

Inspired by a love of the supernatural and all things spooky, founders Aaron Keeling, Austin Keeling and Natalie Jones combine intricate storytelling, emotional depth, and top-notch production values to engage audiences in exploring the unknown.

"One of the most exciting production companies in

immersive theatre today."

- Haunting.net -

"There are few things better out of the West Coast immersive scene than the work of E3W."

- No Proscenium -



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